Social Responsibility

We set an example supporting activities of public utility.

There are few private equity businesses in Hungary donating money to outreach for projects of public utility.

PP Center has supported a high number of talented sports people, artists creating works of art and performing on stage within the confines of a far-reaching donations programme since 2012. It has also helped several cultural projects so that they become successful both in Hungary and abroad.

Why do you not get acquainted with the projects supported by Artkartell and PP Center.

Artkartell: PP Center launched its far-reaching donations programme in 2012. The projects supported are joined under the name Artkartell


Partisan Studio and Gallery: The studio building supported by PP Center provides support for young fine artists by way of tenders


Rozina Pátkai, a jazz and bossa nova singer supported by PP Center


The video clip of the song Feat Sena by Bori Péterfy & Love Band Wondertime was shot with the support of PP Business Center on the premises


Kornél Mundruczó and the Proton Thetre’s plays having reached great successes in Hungary and abroad were made with the support of PP Center

The Proton Troupe staged its plays Disgrace directed by Kornél Mundruczó supported by PP Center


The Recirquel troupe giving a momentum to the new wave of circus arts operates with the support of PP Center


Artus troupe: The troupe peformed the play Ulysses’ living-room (Ulysses nappalija) directed by Gábor Goda and supported by PP Center