PP Center can be found in the third district of Budapest, 95 Szentendrei út. The property is located on the main road nr 11, some hundred metres from Florián square, Árpád Bridge, just after the Mozaik utca overhead-crossing. PP Center is adjacent to the Auchan Aquincum Shopping Centre and is very near to the Megyeri Bridge and M0 motorway.

Close to the city center and close to the motorway

The property is located in Óbuda, north of Flórián square, after the Mozaik Street overpass, on the 11th highway, at Kaszásdűlő HÉV stops. The immediate vicinity of the Szentendre road, the Auchan shopping center, the extension of the Jégtörő street on the Buda side, and the proximity of the Megyeri Bridge and the M0 motorway make the environment sufficiently traffic.

By car, from the Szentendrei road, three gates at the end of Remenyi Ede Street can be accessed through a gate.

By public transport 34, 106, 134 and night 923 buses, 'Kaszásdűlő H megálló' stop is right before the main entrance to PP CENTER. From the Szentendrei HÉV suburban railway station to the entrance of the PP Center, our plant can be reached from Batthyány Square in ten minutes. 

By rail, take the Aquincum train stop approx. 500m.