General information

A dynamically growing and demanding business environment

  • A remodernized factory building covering an area of 45,000 m2 with a loft (office, studio and loft and business floor -70%, warehouse – 30%)
  • Over 150 successful businesses (including restaurants, sweet shops, food shops, sports tools, furniture, souvenirs, statineries, working uniforms and other shops, gyms, wall climbing, laser fight, printing house offices, advertising agencies, accounting firms, wholesale businesses, news agenciy offices, an opportunity to hire barrows and lots of other services are available on the spot)

What is the most important is tenants’ needs

  • The rooms, floors or buildings to be rented out can be transformed according to tenants’ requirements
  • A chance to expand continuously
  • We have had several clients since 1998 making a statement about our excellent services


From the first impression to the small details…

  • Own parking lot holding 500 cars
  • An area surrounded with a fence with a 24-hour security service and outdoor surveillance system
  • 4 guarded gates to enter the area by car and 2 gates for trucks
  • Permanent staff to maintain the buildings and to clean the shared areas

Social responsibility and the spirit of culture

  • PP Center supports projects of public utility and cultural projects via tenders (culture, studios and exhibition areas, building communities and sports).
  • The groups supported include among others Budapest Dancing School, Recirquel New Circus, Kornél Mundruczó and the PROTON troupe, Bori Péterffy, Rozina Pátkai Jazz Quintet and also Partizán Art Gallery. The cultural projects we support are joined under the name Artkartell, whose mouthpiece is Artkartell online magazine publishing on different topics of art.